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I’m Ed Taylor a 27 year-old designer based in the UK. I formed Shika Arcades Ltd. to bring to life my designs specifically for the purists who like me are so passionate about arcade and retro gaming original hardware. 


My aim was simple, to create the ultimate, bespoke gaming experience for people that appreciate quality and attention to every detail. 


Each exclusive piece is lovingly crafted to compliment and enhance the original hardware systems we all love to play.


Inspiration is drawn particularly from British & Japanese design sensibilities. With respect to traditional techniques, also cutting-edge methods and materials, blended to create high quality individual pieces. 


Utilising the “kaizen” - continuous improvement approach, throughout all stages I am always striving for perfection. Through this philosophy Shika Arcades aims to deliver something that you will thoroughly enjoy, deeply enhancing the tactile and tangible experience inherent in retro gaming.

Ed Taylor 

Shika Arcades Ltd. 

Winner of NYBEP Engineering Inspirations Award.

Former STEM Ambassador.

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