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Sozu has subtle influences from traditional Japanese design. The recess around the Start & Select buttons are profiled and inspired by the karahafu gables often seen on Japanese castles & shrines. 

In particular, transience as regarded in wabi-sabi aesthetics and the reflection of mono-no-aware have each played a part in Sozu's design. Materials have been chosen that will display a beautiful patina with age, from the solid brass inlayed token to the raw machined aluminium components.

Like a fine musical instrument, each one will acquire its own distinct character over time. Simirlarly the natural variations in the bamboo surface ensure no two pieces are ever the same, your product is unique and exclusive to you.  

The Process

The Making of Sozu: A quick "behind the scenes" peek at a small proportion of the work that goes into crafting the Sozu.S1 arcade stick. This shows some First Edition units going through various processes from design to completion.


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"Following my trip to the Bamboo Forest at Arashiyama (Kyoto) I was deeply intrigued by the possibilities in which I could incorporate such a fantastic renewable material into my designs. Shika Arcades uses only the very best architectural-grade bamboo, used in a variety of cutting-edge buildings, world-class museums & by leading automotive companies. It is extremely beautiful with unique aesthetic characteristics like the visible nodes all whilst being sustainable & eco-friendly."          - Ed Taylor 

Our premium bamboo unibody designed case allows Sozu to have an incredibly strong structure, which is expertly machined from one solid block of bamboo composite.

Shika Arcades use bamboo which is harvested after 5 years growth, this gives the bamboo plenty of time to develop its strong "woody" structure. Its energetic growth also means it is rapidly renewable, unlike hardwoods which take many decades to reach maturity. 

Sozu is available in the Natural and Duotone finishes. Duotone is a mixture of darker carbonised and lighter natural bamboo that we have fused together to create a stunning contrasting aesthetic. Both options go through an extensive hand-finishing process and are given a satin oil finish that is resistant to both water and perspiration. 

Architectural Bamboo
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